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Haven On The Bluffs

The following are the terms of use (the "Terms") that govern the use of the www.vhldevelopments.com and www.thebluffs.ca websites (herein collectively called the "Website"). By using the Website, you agree to be bound by the Terms, as same may be revised from time to time, including without limitation, the Privacy Policy posted on the Website, as same may be revised from time to time, as well as all applicable laws and regulations governing the Website. If you do not agree, please do not enter or use the Website.

1. Agreement of Purchase and Sale, and Disclosure Documents

The rights and obligations of a purchaser of a residential or commercial/office unit from any company using the tradename “V.H.L. Developments” in its corporate name (all of the foregoing hereinafter referred to collectively or individually as "VHL") are restricted to and set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the unit. As well, all information contained in the Website, and all promotional material, is subject to the provisions and qualifications contained in the Disclosure Documents delivered to purchasers of units from VHL.

2. Disclaimer Regarding Information Contained on Website

All content of the Website is being provided without any warranties of any kind, express or implied. All models, plans, written information, dimensions, descriptions, representations, sketches, illustrations and/or displays appearing on the Website are indications only of what is being tentatively proposed in respect of the particular project or development, or aspects thereof, including future buildings, amenities and the like connected thereto, and are therefore subject to change being made without any notice being given to anyone visiting the Website or otherwise, and without any liability being incurred by VHL thereby.

Furthermore, all information, including dimensions, contained on floor plans, artists drawing and computer renderings are approximate only. Floor area measurements are calculated on the middle floor, such that units on lower floors may have less floor space due to thicker structural members, mechanical rooms, etc., while units on higher floors may have more floor space. It is acknowledged that the floor area of any room or unit has been determined in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Builder Bulletin issued pursuant to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (the “Warranty Act”), that such calculations and measurements are approximate only, that the net living area of the unit will differ from the floor area of the unit determined in accordance with the aforesaid Bulletin, that there is no representation or warranty as to the size of the unit, that the purchase price is not based on the floor area of the unit and that the purchaser shall not be entitled to an adjustment for same in the event that the actual floor area of the constructed unit differs from that indicated by the promotional material or provided by the agents or on this Website. Actual useable floor space may vary from the stated floor area. In accordance with the foregoing, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all details and dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without notice to the purchaser. Any reference to ceiling heights in this Website shall mean the approximate height from the unfinished floor slab surface to unfinished ceiling slab surface and such heights will be reduced by sound attenuation features, finishes of floors and ceilings and installations such as bulk heads, etc..

Content on the Website is for informational purposes only and should accordingly not be relied upon. Only those items set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale are included in the purchase price and all information in this Website is subject to the provisions and qualifications contained in the Disclosure Documents provided to purchasers of units.

3. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances will VHL and/or any of the directors, officers, shareholders, employees or agents of any of the companies comprising VHL, be liable for any damages whatsoever arising, directly or indirectly, from the use of, or reliance on any information contained in, the Website, any websites linked to the Website, or the content contained on any or all such websites, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or otherwise in law or in equity.

4. Copyright Laws

VHL is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the Website and all content displayed on the Website. All information on the Website is protected under the copyright laws and other intellectual property laws of Canada and other countries. No one has permission to copy, redistribute, reproduce or republish in any form, any content displayed at the Website except for personal non-commercial uses. All trademarks, logos, and other such marks displayed on the Website are the property of V.H.L. Developments Inc. and/or its associated or affiliated companies, and may not be used in any way without the express written consent of V.H.L. Developments Inc. or the owner of such property.

5. E-mail Messages and Security

Regular, unencrypted e-mail messages over the Internet are not secure. VHL shall not be responsible for any unauthorized access to personal or confidential information that is contained in any email or other transmission to VHL. VHL cannot represent or warrant that the Website is a secure repository of any such information.

6. Product Endorsement

Any references on the Website to products or services, other than those of VHL, do not imply the endorsement or approval of such products, services or publications by VHL.

7. Severability

If any provision of the Terms shall be unlawful, void or unenforceable for any reason, then any such provision shall be deemed severable to the extent that it is unlawful, void or unenforceable, but shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

8. Governing Law

The Terms are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein without reference to the principles of conflicts of laws thereof. Any dispute arising from these Terms shall be resolved exclusively in the Province of Ontario by the courts of the Province of Ontario.

© 2013 V.H.L. Developments Inc. All rights reserved.